Our Warm Christmas

Our Warm Christmas

A warm Christmas with our extended family

I spent my Christmas Eve with my extended family, my uncles with their wives and children and my grandma. We usually don’t see each other frequently because everyone is busy with his life, so we decided to gather ourselves and spend a war evening in our cozy room on the roof eating delicious food, especially turkey and drinking wine near the chimney. We laughed and shared many news with my cousins about their universities and work, and then played cards and danced. We took many pictures as a memory for that lovely and warm night to add it to our family album. When we finished eating, we continued our night outside on the roof under the stars and the cold weather. That evening was important to me because it made me more attached to my family and recognize how it is important to have many caring people around you that can help you and support you at any time.


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Our “Driving Awareness” Event at LAU

 Our Driving Awareness Event

Our Driving Awareness Event for PR course

Last Summer I took a Public Relation course where we were supposed to organize an event in three weeks only. We chose to organize an event for driving awareness since the number of car accidents is increasing day after day. I was responsible to contact with sponsors to fund our event, and after hard work I got two sponsors. I was also responsible to send mails for the press release from many media institutions like Jaras, and the Future TV that covered our event. The well known comedian Adel Karam presented short scene from his stand-up comedy supporting our event, the event also present a band that performed the whole night, a buffet from Socrates, and a tombola at the end of the event that entertained our guest and surprised them by many gifts. Kun Hadi organization also presented at the beginning of the event short video about car accidents and their work in the organization. We were so proud with the successful and important event that we did in a short time and with limited funds.

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A Rich Experience with Anissa Helou

Anissa Helou " The Food Writer "

pic. of Anissa

The interview with Anissa Helou was an amazing experience to me as a person and as a journalist. First, I was impressed by her life as an interior design student to an art collector then to a cook and a food writer. These different steps in her life made her who she is now. Her travelings around the world added more experience to her writings record since she was introduced to many cultures in the Middle East and to different food dishes.
She has passion towards food and she expresses that by writing books, especially in Middle East cuisine which is her main expert. Anissa told us about her mother’s tips about certain types of food especially the Lebanese and Syrian food. Anissa also related that having a Lebanese mother and a Syrian father played an important factor in her unique style in writing about the Lebanese and Syrian Cuisine. Her trip along in the art world made her one of the most important food writers in the world, knowing that she introduced the Middle East cuisine to some west countries like Britain where she lives now and spent most of her life.
What impressed me the most is her experience in broadcasting for some TV stations where she was involved in the media world and was a huge step for her as a familiar face to the public. She respects her fans by organizing enough time for them on twitter and blog, that she thinks are very important media tools for communicating with her readers, and to get feedback and some critical comments to improve either her writings or to get many new ideas from her fans and make good use of them in all her books.
Anissa Helou is not just a food write, she is a legend in the writing world through her unique and rich books, and through her attachment with her fans by using the media as not a tool to promote herself as a writer, but as a person who loves what she does and cares for the people who respect her work all over the world.

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this is diaa’s 1st post

this is diaa’s 1st post

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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